Individual coaching

Just what you need

In one-to-one coaching, we will help you with whatever you need to deal with in English, e.g.:

  • preparing and practise a speech or presentation
  • preparing for an important meeting, press conference, etc.
  • hosting an international conference 
  • handling your job application, from your letter of motivation to the interview
  • writing or polishing up texts that need to be absolutely perfect: your CV, professional profile, abstract, etc.
  • getting ready to present yourself and your work, your organization, your projects or services 
  • talking through a project or work situation project to get a clearer overview - and the vocabulary to do this
  • getting ready to do your job in English: advising your clients, doing business abroad, working for an international organisation …

How can we help you with your English agenda?

Depending on your requirements, additional support as part your your coaching may include

  • tailor-made language worksheets to help you remember what you learned in your coaching sessions
  • summaries or word lists for your meeting, etc. 
  • checking your PowerPoint slides for a presentation
  • checking your notes for a speech or presentation 
  • audio recordings to help you practise between coaching sessions
  • additional practice on our online learning platform